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How to pay

1. Choose your schedule:

09.30 – 11.00  11.00 – 12.30  12.30 – 14.00

2. Choose the type of payment:

Monthly:                                                                                    165 €

4 months in one time payment (5% discount):              627 €

6 months in one time payment (10% discount):            891 €

10 months in one time payment (15% discount): 1.402,50 €

"Special" offer: group 12.30 to 14.00:                    150 € / month


(*) Non-cumulative offers

Non-refund in case of leaving school before the paid period




Students who request and receive the Kindergeld certificate


Once the student has received the Kindergeld corresponding to the payment made in any of its modalities (one month, four months, six months or ten months), the amount will not be refunded under any circumstances.



In case of temporary closure of the School during the school year by government order, the classes and cultural activities will continue, although not in person, but will be replaced by online classes and activities. Therefore, in no case will the amounts paid be refunded, since the activity of the School will continue under a different format.


3. How to pay:

Bank transfer to:

Concept: Spanish course - (name and surname of the student) from... until....
Account IBAN: ES63 0049 1632 55 2110154605


4. Send an email with your chosen time and payment confirmation to:

Remember that, in CULTURESP, registration is free, but one of the most important characteristics of our School is the number of students per class: "only 10". Therefore, it is very important to register as early as possible.


In no case, and under no circumstances, will the amounts paid be refunded once the course has begun.

The payment is monthly and for the entire month. Therefore, no discounts will be given for fewer hours of class time. In exceptional cases, the management will be contacted in person.

Administration and cancellation fees: if after the registration the student decides to cancel the course, the amount will be refunded except 50 € of registration fees.

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